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Therapeutic Natural Oils for Massages

Having a massage with genuine, natural oils gets your muscles relaxed and is therapeutic for the skin. Rento unscented massage oil is perfect for the whole body and for all skin types. It is also excellent as body oil for dry skin.

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Colours of Nature for the Sauna: Birch and Sea Buckthorn

At the beginning of the summer, the colour palette of Rento’s sauna supplies was complimented with green and orange! Shades inspired by Finnish nature – birch and sea buckthorn – will be perfect for the traditional sauna and even the trendiest home spas. This new colour series includes our sauna buckets, pails and ladles.

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New products in the Sauna Honey line: aromatic Eucalyptus and exfoliating Blueberry

There are new products in the Rento Sauna Honey line. Paired with the popular Midsummer Birch scent is now herbal Eucalyptus. Both products contain birch bark extract which is calming to the skin and maintains the skin’s moisture balance. The second new product in this line is Exfoliating Blueberry Sauna Honey which contains blueberry seeds that lightly exfoliate the skin. Rento’s Sauna Honey line is completely Finnish.

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Rento products in design hotel saunas

In 2012, Rento began collaboration with Scandic Tampere Station, a design hotel that opened its doors in Tampere in the summer 2012. The hotel chose Rento's coffee-brown aluminium pails, ladles and thermometers for the saunas in their superior plus rooms.

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